Energy & Empowerment

In this 8-week-intensive program, we will be focusing on unleashing your personal power, cultivating self-esteem and self-love and doing deep energy work.

I designed this program for people who feel powerless, who feel like there self-worth has been damaged or who continually attract toxic situations and people into their lives, but can’t figure out why.

This is not about “blaming the victim,” but rather, taking a holistic approach to look at patterns in our lives, what we are putting “out there” energetically and what old wounds need to be healed on an energetic level.

Some people who can benefit from this program:

  • You’ve had several romantic partners who have lied or cheated
  • You grew up with narcissistic parents
  • Your work environments always seem to be toxic
  • Your managers are unsupportive & don’t respect you
  • You have dealt with verbal/emotional/physical abuse from a partner
  • You have dealt with addictions/co-dependency

You can reclaim your power and you can cultivate healthy self-esteem and self-love!

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To say Carol is amazing is to say roses smell good. It’s obvious and non-arguable. 6 weeks ago, I was filled with self-doubt, lacked confidence and self-esteem. I reached out to her trusting she can help me in the way that is best for me and that was the best decision I ever made. She uplifted me and transformed me so much that I was not able to connect with what I wrote in my own journal just 6 weeks ago. I highly recommend working with her if you want to feel empowered, gain clarity and feel loved. 🤍

—Falguni K.