My Experience - Unleashed

A 6-month program which includes everything in My Experience - Revealed and then we take what you’ve learned and put it into action!

This course is designed for people who not only want to do the inner work, but then work towards achieving their goals and dreams.

In this course we’ll go to the next level. I will help you:

  • Connect more deeply to your power
  • Develop an action plan
  • Take concrete steps toward your goals
  • Provide support and keep you accountable along the way

Any time we go through a transition, there will be ups and downs. Ego will rear its head to keep us safe from change. This is often when we need support so that we don’t give into the fear and backslide into our old patterns.

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Being with Carol is akin to being in the presence of quiet fulfilled beauty. From the moment Carol and I connected, there was a shared understanding-deep-that encompassed many layers, and possibly, many lifetimes. Carol takes a holistic approach in all she does, whether it be listening, guiding a meditation or recommending valuable tools. She has a keen intuition, and her magnetic field looms large. She is connected with her dharma. Carol inspires the aspirant in me, to push through my many layers of fear, anger and frustration, with compassion and empathy. There is no guilt or shame; rather, a gentle journey filled with revelations, reflections and practical tools to help me become my best self. I'm abundantly grateful that our mutual friend connected me to Carol. It came at a serendipitous time. I intend to be connected with Carol, as coach and friend, for many years to come.

—Nora L.