Awareness Business Coaching is geared to small and mid-size businesses that are looking to enhance the communication skills of their Customer Service Representatives and Account Managers. The work-place is changing. So-called “soft skills” such as Emotional Intelligence (EQ), empathy, mindfulness and compassion are becoming more and more sought-after in the workplace. People are looking for connection. Help your team to get ahead of the curve through my half-day workshop and one-on-one coaching packages.

I have spent over 20 years in the corporate world, with the majority of my time spent in leadership positions. I know first-hand that you CAN lead with compassion, embrace “soft skills” and still achieve stellar results in your business. Your team and your clients/customers will notice a difference. Providing service from a heart-centered, aware space FEELS different. It’s magnetic!

Workshop Details

Here are just some of the things included in this educational, fun, and interactive 4-hour session:

  • Needs assessment/explore pain points (interactive white-board session)
  • Review communication styles & active listening skills
  • Discuss the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Cultivate self-awareness
  • Top 5 things a client doesn’t want to hear (and how to reframe)
  • How to create “Raving Fans”
  • Breakout practice sessions
  • Provide handout/tool kit
  • I will share detailed notes with Leadership on my observations and how I can offer further assistance if needed

This will be a comfortable, safe environment where people feel willing to share. The tone will be casual with the purpose of uplifting & educating. My guess is that you already have an AMAZING team and simply want to foster their growth and get them to the next level.

If you think your team could benefit, please contact me to discuss specific details. I will then submit a proposal specific to your business.

One on One Coaching Packages

Sometimes even the best leaders can use some guidance in managing their teams. To this day, I surround myself with coaches and mentors and continually work on cultivating a growth-mindset. If you or a member(s) of your team would benefit from one-on-one time with me, here are some of the topics I will touch on in a one-hour session

  • Open discussion which allows the coaching client to vent, discuss challenges, opportunities, etc.
  • Address concerns to ensure I fully grasp what’s been shared
  • Identify development opportunities
  • Provide feedback/strategies to address challenges or concerns/recommended reading where applicable

Coaching can be in person, via online meeting, or phone. Sessions are purchased in blocks of 10 or 20 sessions and additional blocks can be purchased as needed.

If you or your team could benefit from one-on-one coaching, please contact me to discuss specific details. I will then submit a proposal specific to your business.