From riches to rags and back again—that was me. I grew up having everything I needed. Later I went to college, got married, had a baby, and started a career. But during my decades long toxic relationship, I lost everything, including what was left of my self-worth and personal power.

For years I scraped and pushed myself forward until I became a manager at a Fortune 10 company. I had become the definition of success, but I wasn’t happy.

Then, at what seemed like the pinnacle of my career, at the age of 51, I decided to leave the life I had built behind. I literally had no idea what I was going to do. I left my job without a job to go to. It felt crazy and courageous and totally unlike me. But I took the chance on myself.

I invested in myself and hired a coach. Little by little my coach helped me to love myself again, to truly see my worth. In less than 2 months I got clear on what I wanted to do and The Divine Breadcrumb was born. Shortly after, a crazy thing happened. My coach invited me to study with him, take what I learned, and start my own coaching practice!

Here’s what I know: We all have energetic emotional blocks and limiting beliefs stemming from difficult moments in our lives. We all have blind spots. Until we expose them and deal with them, being aligned, loving ourselves, gaining clarity and feeling completely fulfilled is down-right hard (if not impossible!).

The thing is, the subconscious mind is steering the ship and no amount of willpower, logical thinking or talking about the past will change that. But the good news is that I can show you tools to swiftly move past the surface, conscious mind “stuff” and get right to the heart of the matter. Once you do that, EVERYTHING changes. How do I know? Because it happened for me!

Once I started doing the inner work, I started to recognize that a new me was starting to emerge—a me that felt empowered, a me that wasn’t afraid to use her voice, a me who could truly love herself.

We ALL have obstacles and blind spots to overcome and many of us (like me!) need help to navigate the often times rocky sea of life. My journey isn’t special or an anomaly. We can all live the life we want to live!

You may have heard that we live in a vibrational Universe. It’s true—we’re all made of energy and each of us emits our own vibration, our own energy signal. You attract situations and people who are a match to your vibration. There are thousands of coaches out there and it’s no accident that we found one another! So, if what I’ve said so far resonates, I invite you to book a FREE 15-minute Discovery Session.

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