Private Sessions

There are several areas that we can examine at a deeper level and together come up with strategies that work for your specific situation. Here are just a few of the topics I can help you with:

  • Gain clarity around what you want to do/attracting aligned opportunities
  • Make a career change or begin your “second act” (or third or fourth!)
  • Overcome impostor syndrome
  • Cultivate confidence & healthy self-esteem
  • Unlock your voice & connect with your personal power
  • Learn manifestation & intention-setting techniques
  • Clear energetic blocks & limiting beliefs and learn new, healthy & loving patterns
  • Learn to trust your inner guidance
  • Adjust to being an “empty-nester” and other life transitions
  • Improve personal and professional relationships
  • Be more productive using simple-to-learn daily practices
  • Learn spiritual & holistic techniques to enrich your life

Work With Me

My Experience - Revealed

In this 3-month intensive program, you and I will work together to examine a challenging area(s) of your life, determine what internal shifts you would like to see, and come up with a plan of action with tangible steps to achieve the desired outcome.

We all deserve to live a life of meaning, purpose, and joy. This program is designed to overcome our old “programming” and tap into our innate power so that we can live a life that feels authentic and aligned with who we are.

Energy & Empowerment

In this 8-week-intensive program, we will be focusing on connecting to your personal power, cultivating confidence, self-esteem, self-love and doing deep energy work.

I designed this program for people who feel powerless, who feel like there self-worth has been damaged or who continually attract toxic situations and people into their lives, but can’t figure out why.

Alchemy Underway™

We’re all constantly evolving. Change is always underway, but life is always moving us forward. How great is that?! I call my teaching Alchemy Underway because working with energy is at the core of the work we’ll be doing together. It’s an ongoing process with several tools we can pick from, but the goal is for you to learn how to do them on your own.

Alchemy is a natural process that all things undergo to transform and transmute from an unstable state to a more stable state. When we’re talking about spiritual alchemy we get to ask, “where am I out of balance or unstable in my life?” I’ll teach you how to alchemically transmute those areas and bring greater balance.

You’ll learn how to harness, express and work with the laws of nature and the Universe to accelerate the alchemical process.Through spiritual alchemy we can learn to shift our balance point to higher vibrations.

Single Spark Session

These are hour-long sessions that you can book as needed. Whether it be a challenge you’re facing in your professional life or an issue in your personal life, I will support you, hold space, and provide feedback and tools to “make it over the hump.” You can book one session or multiple one-hour sessions.

Here is a partial list of some of the tools I have employed/shared in these sessions:

  • Strategy/brainstorming tools
  • Self-awareness & confidence building
  • Mindfulness tips & guided meditations
  • Visualization & clarity techniques
  • Heart Coherence: used to reduce stress/fear, increase clarity & creativity
  • Automatic writing & journaling
  • My Coaching Style

    My 50-minute coaching sessions are conversational and relaxed. There will be times when I ask lots of questions, often things you have not been asked before to get you thinking in a new way. There will be other days where you might need to vent or release fears and I will hold that space for you. Although there will be things I want to cover each week, there are no hard and fast rules. The point is to identify any emotional blocks, clear them, help you gain clarity, and get you moving towards what you’re wanting to achieve.

    I will give homework. What?! Yes! Some assignments will be challenging and will require you to dig deep. But they will all be for your highest good! I’ll look forward to updates each week to keep you moving forward, but it’s up to you whether or not you take action. That said, it’s important to keep in mind that in order to make any lasting change, you have to be committed. Coaching is an investment in yourself and can truly change your life—if you fully show up!

    My promise to you is that I will be fully present and always have your greatest good in mind. I will provide you with tools and strategies specific to you and what you want to accomplish. I will help to keep you accountable, celebrate your “wins” and offer guidance during times of struggle. I will continually strive to help light the steps along your path. Making a change is not easy and does require commitment. But if you can make this commitment, I will be here for you on the journey!