Alchemy Underway™

We’re all constantly evolving. Change is always underway, but life is always moving us forward. How great is that?! I call my teaching Alchemy Underway because working with energy is at the core of the work we’ll be doing together. It’s an ongoing process with several tools we can pick from, but the goal is for you to learn how to do them on your own.

As Albert Einstein taught us, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.” We get to play with energy to change our frequency and vibrational state, which then not only changes our physiology but changes the things and experiences we attract into our lives.

Alchemy is a natural process that all things undergo to transform and transmute from an unstable state to a more stable state. When we’re talking about spiritual alchemy we get to ask, “where am I out of balance or unstable in my life?” I’ll teach you how to alchemically transmute those areas and bring greater balance.

You’ll learn how to harness, express and work with the laws of nature and the Universe to accelerate the alchemical process. Through spiritual alchemy we can learn to shift our balance point to higher vibrations.

Jill C Brown
Jill C Brown
Creator of Soul Avatar

What a blessing, what a joy to work with Carol, we met soul to soul and my energy was both charged and relaxed. Being with Carol’s energy is a most wonderful and powerful experience, nothing forced all flowed.

As I talked Carol would make enquiries which took me deeper and I found myself saying I had never said some things before, I found things bubble up to greet me and open my awareness to such a deep level.

When we explored what my business looks like, talking through all my dreams I was so excited and filled with joy, it was such an emotional journey. I felt so safe to speak without holding back in any way. Carol did some energy clearing for me to, I felt lighter after in a way that has no words.

If you feel drawn to working with Carol then don’t hesitate, Carol has beautiful energy, such gentle power that always leaves the soul in joy.

Manifestation is not about how do I bring a new car into my life (although, that’s part of it and it’s REALLY fun!). It’s about “how can I express more of myself in the world? What is wanting to emerge?” It’s about moving energy. It’s about doing the inside work so that our outer world reflects our inner world.

This isn’t new. Florence Scovel Shinn, Napoleon Hill, Neville Goddard, Wallace Wattles, and others were talking about alchemy, energy and manifestation in the early 1900s. You may have read “The Secret” or other Law of Attraction books. In our sessions, we get to go much deeper and explore some really cool teachings!

We also get to do some energy healing techniques to clear out old blocks and fears that have been holding you back. Again, we’re transmuting energy.

You’ll learn about connecting to your Higher Wisdom, through your heart—a technique developed by scientists that works in minutes and has countless benefits-physical, mental & spiritual.

Learn how to deepen your connection to your Higher Self, Angels, Guides (whatever term resonates) on a daily basis through a powerful tool called automatic writing.

Everything you learn will help you on your path and make it a lot more fun—especially when you start to experience positive shifts, or in alchemical terms—turn lead into gold!

In this 1:1 coaching program I will tailor each of the 4 sessions to your specific needs and hold space for your vision. Holding your vision is crucial because often when we’re manifesting, our faith waivers. Having someone else laser-focused on your vision is a powerful way to help bring it to fruition.

In this dynamic and powerful program, you’ll get the following:

  • (4) 1 hour 1:1 sessions
  • Access to me between sessions via email for questions & support
  • Tools to get clear on what you want to manifest (knowing WHAT you want to bring about is KEY)
  • Tear down the walls of what’s blocking your manifestation. I’ll provide lessons on kicking limiting beliefs to the curb & rewiring the mind with new positive, high-vibe thoughts, words & beliefs
  • Learn the power of emotion and how to harness it
  • Take your imagination to a new level—we’re talking hyper-visualization techniques that allow you to see and FEEL yourself in a new reality
  • Leverage the teachings of the manifestation masters to use in your present-day manifestation practice

Eleonar Chessa
Eleonar Chessa
Chessa Coaching

I worked with Carol on creating rituals to stay grounded and also on unblocking some energy.

In Carol’s presence you feel light (as in ease but also literally she emanates light). She is warmth, and healing at once. Emotions flow because she flows and helps you flow. Carol is ego free, joyful and very full of resources she freely shares. If you are open with Carol it is impossible not to shift energy to one of flow and manifesting. She is a master manifestor. I am so grateful for the journey with her, also because she is awesome at adjusting her words to what your heart is ready to hear and wants to hear.

In addition, we’ll talk about:

  • The illusion of time and why there are countless possible futures awaiting you
  • Becoming a match to the future you want
  • Getting in tune with your unique energy signature
  • Helping more of the real “you” to emerge by tuning into what your Soul is trying to tell you
  • The power of PLAY
  • Being more intentional & incorporating ceremony into your life
  • Creating affirmations that impress the subconscious
  • “Casting out your burdens”—handing over challenges, concerns, to God/Source/the Universe/Angels so that you can lighten your vibration
  • Why the “how” is none of our business!

I will also provide exercises to do at home as well as recommended reading. Once you’re clear on what you would like to manifest, I will commit to holding that vision for you for the 4 weeks we work together.

If you’re ready to do the work—or rather play—I can’t wait to co-create with you!

Price: $688