My Experience Revealed
My Experience

In this 3-month intensive program, you and I will work together to examine a challenging area(s) of your life, determine what internal shifts you would like to see, and come up with a plan of action with tangible steps to achieve the desired outcome.

During these 12 weeks, we will be doing some deep inner work. Although I will tailor each session to your individual needs, I will be teaching you tools and strategies to:

  • Create routines in your life which will help you anchor yourself; becoming more productive & present
  • Clear old patterns & tribal beliefs
  • Connect to your heart’s innate wisdom
  • Re-wire your mind for new, positive patterns
  • Release fears & doubts
  • Cultivate confidence & self-love
  • Discover meaning & purpose
  • Learn powerful manifestation techniques
  • Be more intentional & mindful

During our time together you’ll start to experience shifts. As you start trusting your own wisdom and utilizing the tools I share, the fog will start to lift. The doubts and fears will lessen. You’ll start to feel more empowered and grounded, yet also more connected to something bigger than yourself.

We will be doing energy clearings, guided meditations and tapping sessions customized to your specific needs. I will also provide recommendations on books and videos that I think would aid you in your journey.

We all deserve to live a life of meaning, purpose, and joy. This program is designed to overcome our old “programming” and tap into our innate power so that we can live a life that feels authentic and aligned with who we are.

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My time working with Carol has been nothing short of amazing! The way in which Carol was able to help explain and guide me through areas that I have struggled with for a long time is invaluable. I very much appreciate her positive, non-judgemental attitude and her patience. My life today is moving in a positive direction and I know for a fact without her coaching, I wouldn’t be on the path I am on right now! Thank you Carol!

—Joelle M.

Lucy Schalkwijk
Lucy Schalkwijk
Advisor Inclusive Livelihoods & Personal Development Enthusiast

Carol has a contagious soft and loving energy that spreads fast and uplifts whoever she comes into contact with. Whether you meet Carol via a video call or face-to-face, it rubs off on you. On LinkedIn and in her private coaching practice, she teaches about energy and alchemy with actionable advice on manifesting the life you deserve without skimming over the shadow work that needs to be done. If you understand that energy is primary, then Carol is your coach.

Shelley Brown
Shelley Brown
Weird Girl Adventures

When I think about my experience of Carol, it’s more than just thoughts, it’s a visceral experience and the two words that come to mind are in some ways rather paradoxical, they are light and deep. With Carol I sense both sunlight and a deep reservoir of wisdom and connectedness. She embodies joy and not in a frivolous way, more in an earned way as if her lived experiences combined with her spirituality have said, “YES” to her and that yes translates into trust, comfort, and familiarity. I love my light, deep and joyful connection to Carol that blankets me with the comfort of a new old friendship and other worldly sparks.

I love you!!!!!