Carol’s Corner
Welcome to Carol’s Corner, a blog where I riff on some of the topics that interest me (or keep me up at night) and hopefully will be of help to you! For more, please check out my column on BizCatalyst 360°!

Comfort Zone-Out

“I don’t think you need another piece of bread,” my Great Aunt announced disapprovingly at the dinner table one summer evening.

Is Your Energy Split?

The other day I was reflecting on the origin story for my business (which actually started decades before the birth of my business) and realized how often my energy was split.

But, What Do you DO?

Recently I talked with a Gen X woman who asked about what I do in my mentoring sessions.

Oh the Possibilities!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about possibilities in life and business.

The Beauty of Surrender

After I left corporate to strike out on my own, something interesting happened.

The Fan Club

Few things are as powerful in a young girl’s life as her first celebrity crush.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about possibilities in life and business.

“Anything is possible.” Perhaps.

“The possibilities are endless.” Maybe.

Knowing there is an infinitude of possibilities can feel expansive and wonderful.

But it can also be overwhelming if you’re not clear on what you want to BE, what you want to experience.

And for many of us, when we don’t know what direction to go in, we feel like we’re wasting time or that we’ve really screwed it up.

We may feel envious that so-and-so has it all figured out. “They’re so lucky” or “must be nice to have always known what you wanted to do.” We feel ourselves spinning out.

Clarity can come in an instant for some. But for most of us, it comes over time and through curiosity and life experience.

There are an infinite number of possibilities, but finding the ones that feel good to YOU—the ones that light you up and excite you (or even scare you a little)—that’s where the miracles reside.

I invite you to explore the possibilities. Find out what’s behind doors number 1, 2, & 3 or 50. Then, claim your prize.