Carol’s Corner
Welcome to Carol’s Corner, a blog where I riff on some of the topics that interest me (or keep me up at night) and hopefully will be of help to you! For more, please check out my column on BizCatalyst 360°!

Comfort Zone-Out

“I don’t think you need another piece of bread,” my Great Aunt announced disapprovingly at the dinner table one summer evening.

Is Your Energy Split?

The other day I was reflecting on the origin story for my business (which actually started decades before the birth of my business) and realized how often my energy was split.

But, What Do you DO?

Recently I talked with a Gen X woman who asked about what I do in my mentoring sessions.

Oh the Possibilities!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about possibilities in life and business.

The Beauty of Surrender

After I left corporate to strike out on my own, something interesting happened.

The Fan Club

Few things are as powerful in a young girl’s life as her first celebrity crush.

Recently I talked with a Gen X woman who asked about what I do in my mentoring sessions.

Right off the bat, I knew she was a skeptic and, as we talked, it was clear that she wasn’t on board with “this coaching thing.”

“I don’t want anyone trying to change me.”

“That’s good,” I said, “because I don’t want to change anyone.”

The mentoring I do is about re-remembering who you are and getting in alignment with the larger YOU.

I act as a guide because I’m traveling down the same road, only a few steps ahead. I teach what has worked for me. And no, it’s not coaching in the traditional sense. Yet it works because once you get in alignment, doors of opportunity fly open.

I’ve combined over 20+ years of corporate experience (practical) with over 10 years of holistic and spiritual studies (magical) to create a unique experience.

    My students have achieved so many amazing things like:
  • Pursuing an advanced degree
  • Publishing their 1st book
  • Starting their own business
  • Dramatically increasing their income
  • Turning a passion into a side hustle
  • Leaving a toxic home/work environment
  • Changing careers late in life
  • Learning to love who they are

All the credit goes to THEM. I simply carried the lantern, guiding them through the dark days, celebrating their wins, and providing the tools and strategies that worked for me.

Are my teachings for everyone? Heck no! There are a multitude of fantastic coaches/mentors/teachers out there. Find one that resonates with YOU.